Man Crush Monday
Zhuangzi/Chuang Tzu lived his life that made sense to how I think and how I act. 
Some might consider him one of the first anarchists, some consider him so far-out that even hippies of the 60’s might get weirded out by him. In any case, his thoughts transcended category, and his life went beyond any pigeonhole of his day. He lived in harmony with nature, and had a very “whatever, bro” attitude in many of his dealings with other humans. 
Like that one story where he was approached by some guys who offered a lot of money and land to become a sage for the emperor of his day, and Chuang Tzu basically said “screw that, I’d rather play in the mud like these turtles here.” And he probably did when the guys left.
If he were around today, while everyone is trying to “get ahead” of each other in this rat race of a Western society, he’d be the guy chilling out with me by the lake watching the ducks. Wearing a Sex Pistols t-shirt.
He was Taoism in its truest form: shut up and just quietly enjoy every aspect of nature; accept it as a part of you, and you as a part of it. Don’t categorize anything, nor should you pigeonhole yourself. Transcend your human ego (we can write volumes on that). 
And definitely don’t tell him how to eat, sleep, or live. 

I’m bored and feel the need to chat, somebody message me and we can be friends :D or if we are already friends we can chat anyways.


An International 14 sailing at Shilshole Bay yesterday off Golden Gardens Beach in Seattle Washington by Andie deRoux

not all those who wander are lost -j.r.r. tolkien 


Ray Manzarek

“I’m basically a cocktail jazz kind of pianist.”